Friday, August 12, 2016

Movies to watch

My goal for this blog is to include everything I love, in hopes of inspiring others. One of those things is film. I have adored film for years now, and hope to pursue it in the future. For this post that i have appropriately titled "Movies to Watch", will give you a look at some of the films that I have watched and loved on a monthly basis. Now these posts aren't to say the films are new or up and coming, rather old and new films that I decided to watch and enjoy.

This First Film is Titled "The Lobster", it was directed by Yorgos Lanthimos and stars Colin Farrell. I had heard many things about this film prior to watching which led me to finally play it. The Lobster is the story of a dystopian future in which romantic relationships are glorified, and those that are single, are sent to a resort to find love. If the single people fail to find love within the 45 day limit, they are turned into whatever animal they choose upon arriving. Upon first look at the synopsis, my initial idea of this film was one of distaste, It seemed cheesy and fantastical for lack of a better word. Despite this, I swallowed any harsh critique and watched the film. The lobster serves as more of a satire or commentary on the importance of relationships to us humans. The fact that the single people must find love to be happen, shows Yorgos' opinion on how we value relationships and need love to be happy. Overall, despite the sheer awkwardness of the film, The Lobster ranks on my top 100 list as It so delicately pokes fun at the needs of people and consists of exquisite acting on Colin Farrell's part.  Rank 8/10
The second film that I am going to talk about today is Frank. Directed by Lenny Abrahamson, and starring Michael Fassbender, Frank follows the life of an enigmatic man who hides behind a crude face mask and makes music along with his friends in a band called The Soronprfbs. This Film is a masterpiece and is only highlighted more by the lyrical content in the original songs. Although at times hard to follow, Frank sets an entrancing and relatable feeling throughout. The songs featured in frank are so important to the overall feel and emotional value. Said here in the lyrics to "I Love You All", " Put your arms around me, fiddly digits, itchy britches, I love you all." When I first heard this song I was taken aback by the choppiness of the lyrics. To sing a song about love, something so complex and difficult, while using sentence fragments creates such a deep parallel it is hard to comprehend. Granted, most people will not analyze the film near as much as I did, this film is such a beauty and deserves much praise.  Rank 8.5/10  


Color Inspiration

 This summer, I have been so inspired by different photographs and colors most of them in the pastel range. I feel like pastel colors just look clean and crisp therefore being perfect inspo colors during the hot, murky summer. Here are some of the photographs and colors that i have been loving! Enjoy!